Logo Wins Award

The Award winning logo by Visual Obsession.

Logo Wins Award

Visual Obsession, a Qld multi media company, was recognised by the Qld Multi Media Awards twice at the 2011 event for their creative designs for GNA.

Best Logo Design 2011

The aim for their logo design was to provide GhostNets Australia with a clean new logo that effectively illustrates the harm GhostNets have on marine life without being too graphic or depressing. Visual Obsession utilised traditional Torres Strait colours, such as greens and blues, and designed a turtle swimming upwards and away from a GhostNet to symbolise the drive to be free of GhostNets in our coastal seas and oceans. The final GhostNets Australia logo was awarded "Best Logo Design" at the Annual 2011 Queensland Multimedia Awards.

Best Environmental Story 2011

Visual Obsession travelled to Moa island (which is one of the many islands that make up the Torres Strait) and shot the GhostNet shadow puppet play production "The Young Man and the Ghost Net". All puppets and props in the play were constructed out of discarded ghost nets and marine debris by local school children and artists. All music, narration and puppetry was also performed by the local school children of Moa island and the St. Paul's church choir. The successful outcome for this documentary was to gather momentum not only to educate the children of the Torres Strait, but the entire community, about the destructive nature of drifting GhostNets and how to deal with this problem in their coastal region. This documentary was selected from numerous video submissions, as one of only nine international documentaries to be highlighted at the 5th International Marine Debris Conference (5IMDC) Movie Night in Hawaii March 2011. In 2012, GhostNets Australia won the CREATIVE ARTS CATEGORY in the World Wildlife Fund Earth Hour Awards in New South Wales... a very popular choice. Best Environmental Story: GhostNets Australia ~ "The Young Man and the Ghost Net".