Sustainable Oceans Award

Our vision is oceans and seas free of deadly ghost nets.

The 2012 Sustainable Ocean Innovation Award

GhostNets Australia was amongst applications from the US, Canada, Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, and the UK.

Sustainable Oceans International, an international consultancy specialising in marine impact mitigation and reef restoration. It offers the annual Award for Sustainable Ocean Innovation to recognise and promote innovative practices that help mitigate marine impacts or restore degraded marine ecosystems.

"The GhostNets Australia program is a fantastic example of innovation in action. Solving our environmental problems needs a healthy dose of lateral thinking in order to first see a solution and then brainstorm a way to make it happen" said David Lennon, director of Sustainable Oceans International.

"What particularly impressed us was how they have initiated a program that turns ugly ghost nets into beautiful artwork that is sought after by esteemed collectors of Indigenous art around the world. Not only this, GhostNets Australia is working to determine the source of the nets and resolve a complex social issue by capacity building and partnerships," said David.