Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I contribute to the GhostNets database?

Once you have registered for an account and verified your email, you can log in to our system and add Net data by either using the online form or uploading a file exported from CyberTracker.

 How do I get data from CyberTracker into the GhostNets database?

In order to import data into our database, you will first need to export it as a CSV file. CyberTracker will allow you to do this once the field data is loaded on to a PC. The option is under "Export" on the toolbar.

 How can I get the latest version of CyberTracker?

CyberTracker can be downloaded directly from the official website at http://www.cybertracker.org/software/free-download

 How do I install CyberTracker on my Android device?

Instructions for installing CyberTracker on to Android phones or tablets are available on the NAILSMA website at http://nailsma.org.au/sites/default/files/Using%20CyberTracker%20Androids%201%2008%202013.pdf (PDF document)