Recording Information

Recording information

Recording Information

You can aid GhostNets Australia in its efforts to reduce this significant flow of nets by recording information about nets you may find.

There are several ways to record this information, or data:

1. Manual

A data sheet for a single net entry can be downloaded for printing from the link provided below.

NB: The paper based information will have to be sent to GhostNets Australia or copied into the online database at a future date.

2. Online

GhostNets Australia has set up an online database for storing all the data. You will need to register first to be able to login. Once you are registered and logged in you can enter data direct into the database or upload from an electronic device.

3. Electronically

You can use an electronic device such as a tough pad, a PDA, or s tablet to record data using either a cybertracker application or a spreadsheet. Cybertracker is a cool bit of software originally developed for the Kalahari bushmen to record data using pictures, icons and touch screens.

a) For cybertracker there is a two step process for setting up your device. Firstly, download the free software, CybertrackerTM

Secondly, download the Ghost Net Application in the link provided below.

b) Alternatively a spread sheet can be downloaded called GNA CSV template in the link provided below.