Fish Exhibition @ Martin Browne

Image: L-R Angela Torenbeeks 's wrasse, Georgia Curry and artist Peter Cooley who is the lucky new owner of the wrasse. Photo by Sue Ryan

'The Fish Exhibition' at the Martin Browne Contemporary

Paddington, Sydney 6th - 30th November

“The opening was terrific. It was like being in a big aquarium and the fish cast great shadows on the walls. Everyone loved walking around them and touching them. It was a very vibrant opening.”

Said Sue Ryan, Ghost Net Art Project Director, who attended the opening of the fish exhibition with Torres Strait artists Georgia Curry, Florence Gutchen and Lynnette Griffiths.

In all there were 31 fish for the exhibition ranging from around 30 cm to 2.5 metres covering a huge variety of tropical fish. Angela Torenbeek created a maori wrasse; Georgia Curry a “mother-in-law”; Marion Gaemers two Siamese Fighting Fish –one male, one female; Nancy Naawi a snapper; Racy Oui-Pitt a flowery cod; Alma Sailor a tuna; Lynnette Griffiths an asian sole fish, a school of mullets and a giant trevally; Kathleen Ketchell an angel fish and Florence Gutchen created one she titled “Belly Mokan”. Other fish were created by Gina Allain; Nancy Kiwat; Ilka White and Kapua Gutchen Senior who created a school of fish she title “Neud”. Zoe and Stan de Jersey from Mapoon created a couple of lovely stylized fish entitled "Zoe and Stan". There were so many different techniques and styles used as well as a huge variety of ghost net and rope to create each fish for the exhibition. The room was filled with fish of every description suspended from the ceiling with fishing line, all swimming in the breeze. Quite a few of the fish sold on opening night.

The following day we did a special workshop with the press at the space so media representatives could have an interactive experience. It was organised and sponsored by Blackmore’s’ the Good Health People, one of our major corporate sponsors. The main three media that followed through with news spots and agreement to do follow-up stories were NITV, SBS and Reader's Digest. SBS in particular mentioned the workshop and exhibition on their World News that evening and Eaders Digest published a story the following Autumn (2015) which you can read below in the downloads.

A big thanks to all of the artist contributors, Blackmores, Erub Arts and Martin Browne Contemporary for your support.