Summer Exhibition at ANMM

Image: portion of one of the 'bommies" showing detail of corals and sea anemones. Photo by Greg Adams

A Summer Activity: Voyage to the Deep Exhibition at ANMM

Another must-see exhibition that will be on all summer is Voyage to the Deep at the Australian National Maritime Museum on Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Although it features the work of Jules Verne it has a great display in the form of three reef ‘bommies’, with all their attending sea life, created by the Ghost Net Art Project team. These are interactive displays as the GNAP team also created some kids craft ideas for the kids to create and add to the ‘bommies’ throughout the summer.

This exhibition which includes information about the ghost net issue will be in Sydney until April then it will start on tour of the country so keep your eyes open for it coming to your capital city.

Big thanks again to Blackmore’s and WWF for helping make this happen