Darnley Island July 2010

Well known Western Australian fibre artist Nalda Searles helped to facilitate the workshop on Darnley Island. Photo by Sue Ryan.

Darnley Island (Erub) 2010

The workshop on Darnley Island was the start of something special.

Sue Ryan, Gina Allain and high-profile Western Australian fibre artist Nalda Searles combined forces with Diann Lui and Lynnette Griffiths of Erub Erwer Meta (Darnley Island Arts Centre) and the weavers of Darnley Island. For two weeks Nalda, Sue and Gina enjoyed the hospitality at Norah's Guest House on the beach. For several days during their stay they shared the accommodation with Diane Moon, Curator of Indigenous Fibre Art at Queensland Art Gallery who was in the Torres Strait on gallery business. By the time Diane left Erub she was fully appraised of all that was happening in the area of indigenous ghost net fibre art. Also on hand was Corey Austin of Visual Obsession video production company who was documenting the workshop for GhostNets Australia.

Photo below: Norah's Guest House is right on the beach, as the picture below taken from a bedroom window attests.


Since that workshop the artists of Darnley Island have run with the medium and the art centre is now well known for the ghost net art produced there. Works produced on Darnley Island have figured largely in many exhibitions including Sculpture Inside at Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2012 and The Long Tide in 2012 at Artisan Gallery in Brisbane.

Photo below: Norah (left) pictured here with Gina Allain and Nalda Searles insisted that everyone dress "island style" to attend a birthday party in the village.

Erub - IslandStyle.jpg