Finding Solutions

Thai fishermen on Thai trawler based in Benjina, Aru Islands. Photo by Riki Gunn.

Finding Local Solutions

At GhostNets Australia our major objectives is to protect our marine life and coastal environment by stopping the nets coming to our shores. What can we do to put an end to our ghost nets problem?

We have been engaged in locally cleaning up the mess, stopping the nets from getting washed back into the sea continuing their destructive journey.

We have ensured that local communities are equipped and trained to manage the ongoing problem so that it does not get out of hand.

But we have not stopped them at their source. For this we need to understand where the nets are coming from, the people that use them, the reasons they lose, abandon or deliberately discard nets, and the factors driving that behaviour. This section documents that journey.

Indonesia's First Fisheries Management Plan

As the worlds demand for fish increases so too does the need for management of this resource.

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Indonesian Workshops

An exchange of information with fishermen in Indonesian waters helps us find answers.

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Who are the Primary Stakeholders?

Who are the primary stakeholders along the value chain in the life of a net?

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