Kimberley Survey

Map of the Kimberley region in Western Australia showing the survey sites. Map image by Google Maps.

Kimberley Survey

In August 2011, GNA took a team of Kimberley rangers along the Kimberley coast to survey the region for marine debris and ghost nets. Rangers from Nyul Nyul, Bardi Jawi, Uunguu and Dambi Mangari came along on the voyage where they learnt how to use CyberTracker™ software to record the data collected.

The group found approximately 261kg of debris at a small number of survey sites at Cape Bougainville, Cape Voltaire and the Maret Islands. Although the Kimberley coastline is relatively clean compared to other parts of northern Australia, the team still found large amounts of rubbish, particularly rope and buoys, plastic bottles and rubber thongs.

In such a remote and untouched area, these results were disheartening and showed that more needs to be done to manage the influx of marine debris onto the Australian coastline before it arrives.

A team from WWF and ANU also came on the voyage to survey the coast for the endangered Australian Snubfin Dolphin, of which they found a population in the Prince Regent River.