Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Ranger, Peret Arkwookerum, removing a ghost net. Photo Robbie Morris.


Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Rangers, Pormpuraaw, Queensland

The Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Rangers are based at the Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Centre, on the west coast of Cape York.

The team have been working with GhostNets Australia since 2006 and for almost a decade have been removing an average of 40 ghost nets from their coastlines and river systems each year. There are six hardworking Rangers and a Ranger Coordinator who are responsible for surveying an enormous area (approximately 500,000 hectares), rescuing trapped and injured marine life.

These Rangers are highly skilled, with each holding a Certificate 3 in Conservation and Land Management. Selected Rangers also have Aerial Feral Control qualifications.

They are proactive in managing Pormpuraaw’s very popular tourist camping sites, feral animal control, crocodile management, sea turtle nesting monitoring program, weed control, extensive feral proof fencing of cultural sites/wetlands and surveillance of activities by illegal foreign fishing vessels.

The Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Rangers are working hard to establish a cultural heritage recording program and look forward to implementing this in the near future. They are also proud of the partnerships they have built with the Elders within the community to build their cultural awareness.

The Rangers are also committed to supporting innovative ways to recycle the ghost nets and supply local artists with nets for weaving, many of which end up enchanting crowds at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.

On any given day you’ll find the Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Rangers out on country working tirelessly to protect their river systems, coastlines and marine life.

Photo below: Even the big guns couldn't remove this net stuck in the mud off the coast of Pormpuraaw. Photo by Robbie Morris.


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