Some of the Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers L-R: William Ingui, Lawrence Pablo, Dale Motlop with Ranger Coordinator Warren Strevens on the far right.


Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers, NPA, Queensland

The Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers clear hundreds of ghost nets and tonnes of litter from Cape York’s northern peninsula each year.

The Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers are a highly valued part of the Northern Peninsular Area (NPA) 5 communities, valued not only for their custodianship of country and but also for the invaluable transfer of knowledge and skills from Elders to young people.

The Ranger program operates through the Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council in partnership with the Apudthama Lands Trust and is responsible for a vast 400km of coastline on both sides of the Peninsular.

The stunning coastline attracts many tourists, which can bring revenue to local communities. However the environmental toll is often high, with campsites commonly strewn with litter which threatens the wellbeing of local wildlife. The Rangers spend much of their time removing this litter from the coastline to restore the natural habitat and beauty.

The Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers also work hard to undertake turtle monitoring in close partnership with scientists and other western cape communities, especially as a meber of the recently formed Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance, in a bid to protect endangered turtle populations.

Today the Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers continue to keep their coastline free from litter and work towards ridding the ocean of ghost nets.

Photo below: William Ingui struggling with a big net.


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