Nanum Wungthim Land and Sea Rangers L-R: Godfrey Wigness, Phillip Mango, Herbert Jerry, Matt Gillis (Coordinator), Bronwyn Hall and Teddy Barkley (Cultural Advisor).


Nanum Wungthim Land and Sea Rangers, Napranum, Queensland

Based on the west coast of Cape York, the Nanum Wungthim Rangers operate a highly successful sea turtle rescue operation and manage one of the regions hotspots for ghost nets.

The Nanum Wungthim Rangers are proud founding members of GhostNets Australia, and have been clearing their shorelines and river systems from ghost nets since 2004. The Land and Sea Rangers operate from the Nanum Wungthim Land and Sea Centre (based in Napranum) and work together with the Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council.

The team consists of six hardworking Rangers and a school based trainee, all of whom are passionate about their coastline. They manage a relatively small but critical section of the coastline (a 54 km stretch from Pennefather Beach in the north to Pine River in the south), rescuing injured marine life and removing over 73 large ghost nets and many more parts of small nets from this coastline each year. This makes Napranum one of the regions hotspots for ghost nets.

The Rangers are highly skilled in turtle rehabilitation and also manage a fully operational sea turtle rescue program. They work in close partnership with the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and have restored many injured turtles back to health in addition to monitoring and recording data on the breeding, hatching and nest sites of our endangered marine turtles.

Today the Nanum Wungthim Land and Sea Rangers continue to work hard on country to protect their turtle population and rid the ocean of ghost nets.

Photo below: Nanum Wungthim Rangers: Phillip Mango, Godfrey Wigness and Herbert Jerry digging a net out of the sand. Photo by Matt Gillis.


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