Yirralka Laynhapuy

Yirralka Rangers L-R: Left to right: GuwauKuway Wannabi, Napunda Marawili, Peter Teasdale, Nyinga Nyinga Yunipingu, and Dave Preece releasing a crocodile (Baru) after it had been freed from a ghost net (in background of pic). Photo by Livie Powell.

Yirralka Laynhapuy

Yirralka Rangers Yirrkala, Northern Territory

The Yirralka Rangers have been working hard since 2005 to rid their 800 kms of coastline of ghost nets.

The Yirralka Rangers work hard to uphold the Wana-watanu (senior traditional owners) aspirations to improve the management of their homelands and tackle any threats to their culture and environment.

Based in eastern Arnhem Land the Yirralka Rangers are out on country surveying the Laynhapuy Homelands for ghost nets and injured marine life, removing an average of 140 ghost nets from their shoreline and river systems every year.

Today the Yirralka Rangers, continue to protect their sea country and work tirelessly towards freeing our ocean of ghost nets.

Photo below: The rest of the ghost net ranger team: L-R Yalapuru Gumana, Gurrundul Marika, Djirrirra Wunungmurra, and Bungamana Ganambarr


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