Mapoon Turtle Camp 2014

Turtle nest covered to prevent pig and other feral predation on the eggs.

Turtle Camp Mapoon – August 2014

This year Rangers undertook several activities in an attempt to ensure the best chance of hatchling emergence for both the Olive Ridley and Flatback Marine Turtles.

Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers have completed the annual Turtle Camp on Flinders Beach working with the Qld Environment & Heritage Protection staff Dr. Col Limpus, Janine Ferguson and Melissa Douthat. Flinders Beach is a remote beach 25km in length that runs from Janie Ck to Pennyfarther River on western Cape York.

Over 500 nests were recorded and monitored. Data collected included, predation rates and what the predators were, hatchling emergence rates as well as egg numbers and size. Two Olive Ridley were tagged with satellite trackers to follow their journey from Mapoon to their feeding grounds.

The main predator this year seemed to be large male goanna’s but we also found tracks of wild dogs and feral pigs. Crocs are of course always present. Control of feral pigs is all year activity.

Rangers also cleaned Flinders Beach of Marine Debris, Ghost Nets and ropes as well as Foreign Timbers (AQIS) that have washed up since last year.

Mapoon Turtle Camp has been operating for many years and is one of our major projects for the year. A large amount of coordination and resources are needed to ensure the success of the Camp and a HUGE thanks goes to all who have contributed. The turtles thank you!!!!

Story by Louise Stone

Mapoon Land & Sea Coordinator